Times News: Searching for the Spirit of the Erie Entrepreneur

The Erie Times recently published an article on Go Erie that spoke to an important conversation about NWPA entrepreneurship: what is the spirit of the Erie Entrepreneur? A narrative supporting local startup entrepreneurship is an essential element that encourages local entrepreneurs to launch their businesses.

The article speaks to the economic impact of startups:

Economists have been arguing for years about the merits of small companies versus large companies when it comes to creating jobs.

One recognized study pointed to a different conclusion — that it’s the age, not the size, of the firm that determines how many jobs it creates.

“Companies under the age of 5 tend to be the ones that create the most jobs,” said Ken Louie, director of the Economic Research Institute of Erie at Penn State Behrend’s Black School of Business.

Read the full article, Searching for the Spirit of Erie Entrepreneurship, at GoErie.com