Collegiate Innovation Showcase

The Erie Collegiate Innovation Showcase is the fourth annual competition, presented by the Innovation Collaborative. The competition aims to raise awareness of the talents of the regional academic programs, and to help generate more student interest in developing a business or entrepreneurial project beyond the confines of their college or university.


Erie Hack International Competition 

The Innovation Collaborative, in conjunction with numerous partners from throughout the Lake Erie Basin, including the Cleveland Water Alliance, NASA Glenn Research Center, and the Great Lakes Observing System, will kick off its international competition, Erie Hack, on March 1st, in downtown Erie.


Innovation Collaborative on the Insider 

Thom Ruhe, CEO of the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative, Kathy Dahlkemper, Erie County Executive, and Beth Zimmer, Managing Director of the Innovation Collaborative speak to the importance of entrepreneurial based economic development.


Thom Ruhe on Democratizing Entrepreneurship

Thom Ruhe speaks to the importance of democratizing entrepreneurship in advance of the first annual Disrupt Erie Awards. Thom was the Headliner speaker of the event, that saw more than 250 Erie residents show their support for Erie Entrepreneurs.


The First Annual Disrupt Erie Awards

The first Annual Disrupt Erie Awards were a huge success. The Awards raised awareness for the importance of entrepreneurship in Erie and provided an opportunity for the Erie community to show their support for Erie entrepreneurs.


Why is Entrepreneurship Important to Erie – Take #2? 

Gail Whitney, Kim Thomas, and Brock Allen answer the question: Why is entrepreneurship important to Erie?


Why is Entrepreneurship Important to Erie? 

… Provides opportunity for young people, create jobs, and grow the economy.


Hey Erie! 

Did you know that almost all net new jobs are created by companies five years old or younger?


Erie’s Entrepreneurial Arts

Beth Zimmer, Managing Director of the Innovation Collaborative, Mark Tanenbaum, Founder of PACA, and Tom Weber, Owner of Tom Weber Films speak to Entrepreneurship and Arts in Erie, PA.